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Red Cross First Aid course for first aiders and driver's license applicants

Contact person:

Constanze Bauer

Tel.: +49 1520 4042496

Hans-Grundig-Straße 34
23966 Wismar

The Red Cross First Aid course is basically aimed at anyone who is interested since no prior knowledge is required. The high number of emergencies in the most diverse areas makes it necessary to train as many first aiders as possible.

This English first aid course provides you with the knowledge to act in first aid in almost every emergency. In your free time and at work.

Beginning in march the courses will take place at the specified locations in Grevesmühlen and Wismar! If you need an in-house training please feel free to contact us.

Contents and Trainings

  • self-protection and safeguarding against accidents
  • help in case of accidents
  • wound care
  • dealing with joint injuries and broken bones
  • burns, heat/cold injuries
  • acid burns
  • poisoning
  • immediate life-saving measures such as recovery and resuscitation
  • we provide numerous practical exercises

Assumption of costs

We are authorized by the professional associations and accident insurance companies (BG and UVT) to carry out first aid training for company first aiders. In many cases, the costs are covered by the BG or UVT responsible for you and your firm. Even when you will be trained in English the cost will be regulated by our partners.

BG Food and Hospitality
You need to apply for a voucher there, link BG Health Service and Welfare (BGW)
The training must be applied for in advance, Link Accident insurance companies M-V, apply for cost coverage
Apply for accident insurance, cost coverage